Like many people I was first introduced to Bob Proctor in 2006 when he appeared in the hit movie, "The Secret." At the time I would have never imagined just how profoundly this man would impact my life. Fast forward ten years to 2016 when I was re-introduced to Bob through my friend and mentor, Peter Hurley.

Peter has achieved astounding success in his life and career from competing in the Olympics on the United States Sailing Team to becoming a wildly successful headshot photographer and ultimately stepping into the spotlight as the world's preeminent authority and industry leader in the field of headshot photography. And as Peter often says, it's all because of what he learned from Bob Proctor. So when I met Peter and started down the path to follow my passion of building my own headshot photography business, it became clear that if I wanted to create an enterprise anywhere near as successful as Peter's, I needed to do the things he did. Chief among them, become a student of Bob Proctor. 

It was right around that time that Peter spoke at a Bob Proctor seminar and told the audience (which was full of Proctor-Gallagher Consultants) that they needed to all get professional headshots done. Peter encouraged everybody to check out - his thriving global community of headshot photographers, of which I had recently joined.

Low and behold; I got a call from a Proctor-Gallagher Consultant by the name of Melissa who happened to be in the audience the day Peter spoke. She took his advice about getting a professional headshot done through Headshot Crew and found me.

A few weeks later I finally got to meet Melissa in person when she arrived in for her headshot session. I was very excited to get a chance to pick her brain about Bob Proctor and how I could get involved with his teachings. By the end of the session, Melissa had told me all about Bob and the fantastic work she was doing as a facilitator of Proctor-Gallagher Institute's "Thinking Into Results" program. I was so excited because here was my chance to do just what Peter did and start learning the magic recipes for success directly from Bob Proctor. I will admit that when I found out what the cost was for this 6-month program, my jaw dropped a little (ok, a lot) but it still felt right, so somehow I put it on a credit card, and I pulled the trigger. 

What I know now that I didn't realize then is that the financial investment required to participate in this program is part of what makes it so successful. In the very beginning, my high level of commitment to the process was, absolutely driven by the nagging voice in my head that was saying "For what this is costing me, I'm getting my money's worth!" So even though my reason for committing fully to the program started out from a somewhat cynical place, it didn't matter. All that mattered was the commitment part. I decided I was going to be 100% dedicated to following the program to the letter and doing exactly what I was told to do by Bob (and Melissa). And that's precisely what I did. By the end of my third month studying Thinking Into Results, I had already achieved and surpassed my first financial goal for my headshot business. By the time I reached the end of the 6-month program, I had tripled my goal!

The real kicker for me was that in producing these marvelous results, my actual return on investment was substantially four times the total cost of the TIR program. I was naturally over that moon about that, but I still didn't feel like I had tapped the full potential yet. So I decided to re-enroll, pay for the program again, and go through TIR a second time. This time around my goals got really big, really fast and the results were almost immediate. I made more money taking headshots over the next three months than I made during the previous six months and the entire year before that COMBINED!!! I had basically turned my yearly headshot income into my monthly income. WOW! 

Hello, my name is Tommy. :) 

Melissa - My Thinking Into Results Coach,

Me learning from the Master Himself, Bob Proctor. 

It was at that point that I decided that Thinking Into Results is just way too good of a program and the results I've experienced have been waaaay too good for me to stay quiet about. So now all I want to do (aside from taking headshots) is share this life-changing material with as many people as I possibly can. As a Certified Proctor-Gallagher Consultant, I am here to be your Thinking Into Results facilitator, your accountability partner, and your coach. My purpose with this work is to help show you how to realize YOUR successes through the knowledge I've gained in achieving my own. I'm so very excited to help you discover what wondrous things you are capable of and what astonishing results you can create!